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2014 is off to another great year with some new planes and cars added to the collection.


We're loving this really awesome REO This 1913 REO "the Fifth"  got to us in the first batch of snow this season (not to be confused with the snow that interfered with the February Second Saturday). It was during that super cold snap when the roads were snowy but not wet so with wind blowing from the west comes a pretty original old REO. Donated by Roscoe Nelson in memory of  his friend Thomas Engel this car is said to have been a "Parade Car" for the Apollo 1 astronauts. Maybe someone out there can find some pictures of this big event.


Check out WAAAM's new Grumman airplane.

A 1975 Grumman American AA-5 was donated to WAAAM by Evelyn and John Lorence. Thanks to Volunteer Lee Borchers and our friends from the Independence Airpark for flying this pretty here and taking the pilot back home.


Come see WAAAM's newest Model A Ford.

Donated from Rees Stevenson, this 1928 Model A arrived only last week.
A daily driver that has been in the Gorge since the 50's and has taught a passel of Stevenson's and their friends to drive.




WAAAM just got this Piper Cherokee donated. This Piper Cherokee 160 was donated to WAAAM by Dick and Joan Johnson. The Cherokee is a great aircraft. You will see them flying daily at your local airport. The Johnson's flew their plane here and  Volunteer Mark Stanfield flew them back home.


This classy 1948 DeSoto is also donated by Roscoe Nelson. Thanks Roscoe! This is a must see... 1948 DeSoto with only 38K miles! That pretty much averaged just under 600 miles a year. Not a daily driver. Many thanks to Roscoe Nelson who made the newest of the WAAAM Automobiles possible. This is the second car Mr Nelson donated. The other one? 1913 REO ,The Fifth.
Check out this skinny bird!

This 1939 Porterfield CP-50 is quite the Skinny Bird as you can see! Only 22.5" wide in the cockpit! On loan from Ben Rushford we're glad to have it here in the museum. Flown to WAAAM by Bob Stark of Twin Oaks Airpark. Bob also had a friend fly up in his Cessna 185 to take him back home.


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