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Andy Anderson, WAAAM Volunteer, found this 1925 Ford Model T Truck and restored it back to its former glory. Story by WAAAM Volunteer Andy Anderson.

I was working up on a telephone pole overlooking a prune orchard in Morgan Hill, CA in April of 1966, and I spotted a wood spoke wheel sticking out from behind a barn. After I finished my work, I just had to see what it was.

It turned out to be this Model T truck!

It was just a bunch of rust, but I decided that I couldn't live without it, so I located the owner and we agreed upon a price of $100.00.

Actually, I got two Model T trucks. The other was a 1919. I used it for some parts and discarded what was left.

The hardest part was getting the $100 bucks out of Jean. That was just about a weeks salary at that time!

Anyway, when I got it back home to San Jose, Jean actually cried saying, "You know how much bread and milk that would have bought for our 3 kids?"

I worked on it quite a bit in San Jose, and got it running with the help of an older neighbor. I was also able to complete much of the body work back then. Then, in September of 1969 I switched jobs with telephone companies and we moved to Hood River. We went back to San Jose in the spring of 1970 to pick up the truck and haul it home.

For years I went to swap meets and met with other restorers for the purpose of finding parts. I finally got everything I needed, and got her back on the road in 1978. Final paint went on in 1999.

The truck is equipped with a 22 horse power motor, Hassler shocks in front, outside Rocky Mtn. rear brakes, a 6 speed Rocky Mtn rear end, factory built flat bed and unique window risers (leather strap with 3 holes for 3 different window positions).

It is restored to what I believe it was as it came off the assembly line back in 1925 at a cost of approximately $295.00.


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